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Free Websites For Small Business in Florida

Since Rick Scott took office, I have not agreed with much of what he’s done, specially for public safety and teachers where he cut 3% of their pay. That’s not what I’m writing about though. Just needed to get it … Continue reading

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You’re Too Busy to Make Money

Pending projects, amazing ideas, the ultimate money making¬†opportunity, success goals and so on. We’re all guilty of allowing projects to drag on, leaving the amazing ideas on the back burner, passing on the ultimate money making opportunity and not exactly … Continue reading

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DocuSign rolls out free e-signature for consumers

A fax? What’s that!? It’s almost what you’re about to start hearing sooner than later. Although real estate agents everywhere can relate and I can pretty much guarantee you that most of you have used a fax at one point … Continue reading

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The Power of a Mastermind Group

Few things will keep you accountable like a solid mastermind group. These individuals can play a vital role in your success. Need motivation? Some friendly competition to keep you active? Maybe a devil’s advocate to pick at things you can … Continue reading

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