Foreign Buyers Seeing Bargains in U.S. Real Estate

This one’s short and sweet for everyone….Here’s it is once again, some more proof of what we keep telling you. Cash Buyers are running the show.

MIAMI – Jan. 16, 2012 – Foreign investors are finding plenty of deals in the U.S. when it comes to real estate, and, as such, more international investors are flocking to key states to buy their piece of the American Dream.

Mexico is the top country of origin for foreign buyers purchasing U.S. homes, according to a recent study by Credit Sesame, which used National Association of Realtors® data for its findings.

“In this period of tremendous uncertainly globally, real estate here is a safe haven,” Susan Wachter, professor of real estate and finance at The University of Pennsylvania, told

The top destinations of foreign investors for U.S. real estate purchases are:

1. Florida: Thirty-one percent of all home purchases are made by foreign buyers, with most coming from Cuba, Haiti and Colombia.

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