Sharing the Stress with Your Client?

Ok, first of all, my apologies. I’ve been out of it for a few days, but it’s all for good. I’ve had lots of awesome stuff going on and I can’t wait to start sharing more and more with you as the weeks go by.

I’m working on a deal with a well qualified buyer and we’ve had some issues with inspections, etc. It’s all good, nothing new. Been there, done that!

I find myself many times, stressing with the buyer. Not so much for my commission, but feeling as if I was in their shoes, wishing everything would go smoother for them. Then sometimes I wonder if this is a bad thing. Should I be worried with the buyer, or should I be a little tougher since I know that these deals go sour at a moments notice and it happens all the time?

Then I come to my senses and realize that would not be me. It’s not in my character. What IS in my character is to want the buyer to have the smoothest experience possible during this time. A time when most people are making the biggest investment they will  ever make in their life. I’m part of it. You’re part of it!

As a real estate agent, we can get tunnel vision in certain moments. We got our eye on the prize. We focus on “what’s in it for me”, and lose track of the buyers emotions. Don’t get me wrong, my eye is ALWAYS on the prize. It’s a matter of handling both equally, in  my opinion.

Haven’t you noticed how much more relaxed it all goes when your client feels like you’re really on their side? Like they’re dealing with a close friend? The conversations are more productive and they tend to believe you more the first time you warn them or recommend something. You may be asking, isn’t it important to maintain a professional business presence with your customers? The answer is yes. However, I think it’s about getting to know yourself first as a professional, a friend and a sales person (which we are). It’s about finding a happy medium.

Remember this fact: “The brain’s wiring emphatically relies on emotion over intellect in decision-making.” Find that happy middle ground with your clients and show them you care. Show them it’s not just the prize you’re after. You’re also after a happy client (who will come back and send all their family and friends your way!)

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