7 Housing Markets Buyers Are Eyeing Online

When thinking about buyers, a real estate agent’s first thought is to advertise locally and target buyers looking for a near by relocation. More and more baby boomers are approaching retirement and they are EVERYWHERE and possibly looking to move to your city to retire in.

In today’s market, with very competitive prices, you can expect retirees that are not yet retirees, to consider jumping on some potential properties sooner than later to avoid losing out on some great deals.

Places like Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale in FL and Fort Worth in TX are amongst the top on the list for most online searches on Trulia. The article below has a full list in Realtor Mag’s recent post.

Realtormag.realtor.org-Daily Real Estate News

Sunbelt cities are garnering most of the attention online from potential home buyers, possibly being lured by bargain housing prices. 

Several Florida and California metro areas were found to have the highest proportion of home searches from people outside the area, according to Trulia.com, which tracked about 100 million searches on its site from July 1 through Sept. 30. 

“Part of the long term trend is Baby Boomers moving toward retirement, and some of those that put off their searches while home prices were skyrocketing in the Sun Belt, are now looking again because prices have fallen so much,” Jed Kolko, chief economist and head of analytics at Trulia, told Forbes. 

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One Response to 7 Housing Markets Buyers Are Eyeing Online

  1. Carlos says:

    Has anyone worked with out of state or out of country buyers recently? Experiences?

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