Your Kid Can Sell Better than You!

4yr old Julian Ruben is a negotiator - Photo by: Carlos Valentin

It’s a fact! Kids are better sales people than the majority of adults. It’s like we’re born with it and through the years (specially growing up) we are taught different things in many different ways. We are told what to do and what not to do many times and we build part of our characters from the characters that raise and guide us.

What am I saying? That us parents are to blame because our kids may grow up to be crappy sales people? That we struggle in sales because our parents turned against our awesome sales ways as toddlers and we un-learned it? Well, kinda. 🙂

Let me explain before your replies to my post turn into hate mail and “how could you’s”. If you have kids, you might relate a little more, but even without kids I’m sure you can see this in all kids once I tell you what I’ve noticed. Kids are sales people! Think about some of the important must-haves in sales…kids have them. Below are a few:

1) Knowing your market: Kids usually develop an uncanny method of determining which parent is more lenient towards their specific goal at the moment. So they will target that parent (or prospect) first. Worse case, there is always grandma!

2) Market Research: Kids will have been turned down by you before. Whatever it may have been that you said NO to and stuck to it, there are also things you said YES to. This helped them determine how to approach you next time. This ties in with #3.

3) Interview & Qualify: Once again, they have determined some details as to what you are more likely to say yes to and what you still have objections about. It’s also where they can narrow down WHO they will target first with their “proposal”.

4) Commitment: Kids have one thing in mind when they want something. What they have in mind is what they want and what they want is what they have in mind! Kids keep their eye on the prize and will not lose focus. When you turn them down the first time, and there’s a good chance you will, they are ready for it. Which leads me into #5, Tenacity.

5) Tenacity: Let’s face it, this is a big one for us in sales businesses. You need to be prepared for anything, be able to take rejection like a champ, recover from it and be persistent. I’ll agree with you now, some kids have a variety of ways in which they will take rejection, but they will recover!

6) Energetic & Enthusiastic: Seriously, do I have to explain further on this one when we’re talking about kids? I doubt it. If you need further, comment below. 😛 lol

7)Negotiate: This one is awesome. It’s non-stop with kids. Some popular ones: “Mom, if I make my bed can we get pizza?” “I finished all my homework, can I go play?” “Son, you have to eat more than that before you can have dessert” Kid replies with “I’ll have 3 more bites, ok?” I personally, like to let my son negotiate with me a little. I mean, there are times when I am convinced about my decision, but for other things I let him win at times so he feels as though he has the upper hand. I think it will help him keep some of that confidence. Like when he asks “How many more bites of food before I can go play?” I’ll reply with “You’ve got to eat all of it.” Then he will say “If I have 3 more bites, can I go play?” Me- “Well, have 5 more and you can go.” Son- “What about 4?” Me- “Alright, have 4 more bites and you can go.” 

8) Follow-up: They will come back as often as they need to until they get the answer they are looking for. They are hungry to close the sale, they feel like it’s getting closer and closer. They may not close every sale, but then again, do we?

I think I can easily grow that list by at least another 20. Kids are super amazing little people that are soaking up so much every single second. I see my kids astound me with details I could never imagine a child would be capable of thinking of. They are incredible to learn from and we can take opportunities to teach them in different ways. Let them strengthen some of that natural ability they are born with that so many of us lose over the years.

Watching my 4 year old, Julian as he talks to my wife and I differently and adjusts to each of us at different times. How he takes rejection and comes back even stronger than the last time hoping to “make the sale”. The ways in which he brings up “selling points” for what he wants and adds more to his “presentation” as he learns what will help me make a positive decision quicker. It’s truly amazing.

If you have children, as you read this post, I’m sure you kept being reminded of situations that met the criteria of an awesome sales person. If you don’t, you can see it in kids around your family and friends or just watch them when you’re out.


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