Using video to show selling points


Here’s a huge tip: 50% of online content today is VIDEO. The number one way to attract traffic to a site is though, you guessed it, VIDEO!

If a real estate agent is not using video in their listings, their missing out big time on quicker sales, more money and happier clients.

I will have lots more on this in the weeks to come, including some tips and links for making this an effortless part of your business.

More real estate agents are using video to market their listings, taking viewers on a walk-through and making them feel as though they are on an actual tour. These videos can be included in e-newsletters and posted on blogs, websites and Facebook pages.

Nearly three-quarters of homeowners surveyed by Postling said they would prefer to work with Realtors who use video. Coldwell Banker chief marketing officer Mike Fischer says, “People don’t necessarily believe the photos; photos don’t tell the whole story. . . . What video can offer to a listing is just additional information and texture.”

Sotheby’s International Realty recently launched a YouTube channel, and its agents depend on professional videographers to shoot and edit their videos.

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