American Dream Survey: 80% of Homeowners Plan to Buy Again

Don’t be mislead by the news and the “horrible” real estate market we’re being told we’re in. I think it’s all a matter of accepting the current condition and adapting. There IS money to be made and there are buyers out there ready and willing to buy. Real Estate Agents, make it happen!

Trulia has been tracking consumer sentiment surrounding the American Dream of homeownership for the past four years, asking people across the country if homeownership is still part of their personal American Dream.When we asked this question again in August, 70% of Americans said “yes, it is.” This remained unchanged since January despite record-low home sales and ongoing instability in today’s financial markets. In fact, 80% of current homeowners said they plan to buy again while 59% of renters said they aspire to be homeowners. Given this strong intent to buy a home  in the future, we are optimistic about long-term housing demand.

But before this can happen, prospective buyers must overcome many barriers to homeownership – from saving enough for a down payment to qualifying for a mortgage and fixing a poor credit history. At the same time, the American Dream of homeownership is in flux, shifting away from the “bigger is better” mentality that made McMansions and suburban living so popular during the boom.

To check out all the key findings from the survey, here’s the press release. Also, be sure to flip through the slideshow below as well as the fuller analysis and infographic we made on Trulia Insights.


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  1. What experience have you had with buyers in our current market?

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