DocuSign rolls out free e-signature for consumers

A fax? What’s that!? It’s almost what you’re about to start hearing sooner than later. Although real estate agents everywhere can relate and I can pretty much guarantee you that most of you have used a fax at one point or another to get signatures from your clients, it’s quickly becoming a thing of the past. The other, more simple option is to put together your contract or documents, send a .PDF to your clients who then have to print, sign and rescan to email it back to you. It’s definitely more legible than a fax that’s been sent 2 or 3 times!

Then there was e-signing. Get your contract or document or print to PDF, upload it to DocuSign and after a few clicks, send it off to your clients. All they do when they receive the email is confirm some info, choose their e-signature, place it where required and it’s complete.

Now it’s not just for businesses!

Inman News:

E-signature firm DocuSign has rolled out what it says is “the world’s first personal electronic signature.”

While DocuSign has previously focused on the e-signature needs of businesses, the company’s latest offering,DocuSign Ink, allows individual consumers to digitally sign documents “in the cloud” from any device with an Internet connection.

“DocuSign Ink helps consumers finish personal business faster by eliminating once and for all the hassles and costs of printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting signed documents,” the company said in an announcement.

“With DocuSign Ink, individuals can safely and securely drag and drop their legally binding signature and initials into documents, place text and check boxes to complete forms, and then return via email.”

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