A Great Tech Savvy Real Estate Closing Gift

Recently, I came across a great post by Steve Pacinelli about a pretty awesome product and gift idea for your clients at closing. I am looking at ordering some soon so I will update on my own review of them. I think we all jump around with whether we should even gift a client after a closing. I personally think the added touch helps them remember you. With the gift, whatever it may be, I suggest a handwritten note. It’s a known fact that handwritten notes and cards are kept around much longer than typed or printed items.

I added a video as well for you to check out with a quick demo from Steve talking about . At around $39 (if you buy 20+ you get free engraving), the Keyport is pretty economic for an item your client is VERY likely to take everywhere with them! Check out Steve’s post (link under video –Read on) where he also gives a 10% off coupon code he found (no, he doesn’t sell the product or work for Keyport).


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One Response to A Great Tech Savvy Real Estate Closing Gift

  1. … I just had to stop in and compliment you on your unique writing style. Keeps me coming back. Bookmarked for future visits 😀

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