The Power of a Mastermind Group

Few things will keep you accountable like a solid mastermind group. These individuals can play a vital role in your success. Need motivation? Some friendly competition to keep you active? Maybe a devil’s advocate to pick at things you can improve within your ideas? Mastermind Group can provide ALL.

Realty Times-Dirk Zeller:

Another option for your climb to the Champion level is a mastermind group. Napoleon Hill put forth the concept of a mastermind group as described in his landmark book Think and Grow Rich. Mr. Hill defines a mastermind group as, “A coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Most people who have had success in their field have done so through the use of a mastermind, either formally or informally. Informally, they look back years later and can see the people or groups that helped them forge their success. Why do it by accident when you can do it by intention? You can be formulating an intended mastermind with anyone you listed on your potential board of directors, if you have put together that list. Another option is to form the most used mastermind: an intentional mastermind structure. The intentional mastermind structure is when you create a mastermind group of like-minded and like-goaled individuals into a mutually beneficial group with a definite purpose.

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